District Office

Keyes Union School District Office is located at 4801 Lucinda Avenue, Keyes CA 95328

The District Office includes the Superintendent’s OfficeBusiness Services and Personnel.

Contact Information

Name/Title Email Address
Helio Brasil, Superintendent hbrasil@keyes.k12.ca.us
Cyndi McDaniel, Curriculum/Instructional Support Coordinator cmcdaniel@keyes.k12.ca.us
Marilyn Croft, Executive Assistant to Superintendent/Human Resources mcroft@keyes.k12.ca.us
Stephanie Morris, Chief Business Official (CBO) smorris@keyes.k12.ca.us
Elizabeth Smiraglia, Payroll Technician esmiraglia@keyes.k12.ca.us
Terri Crocker, Account Technician tcrocker@keyes.k12.ca.us
Raul Verduzco, Account Technician rverduzco@keyes.k12.ca.us