Keyes to Learning Charter School Publications

2017-18 KTL Application of Interest

KTL Newsletters


KUSD Lunch Menus (only K-6)

August Lunch Menu 17-18

September Lunch Menu 17-18

October Lunch Menu 17-18

November Lunch Menu 17-18

December Lunch Menu 17-18

January Lunch Menu 17-18

February Lunch Menu 17-18

March Lunch Menu 17-18

April Lunch Menu 17-18

May Lunch Menu 17-18

Parent/Student Handbooks
CORE Academy   2017-18 k-6 Handbook doc
KEY Academy  2017-18, 7-12 Handbook
Independent Study  2017-18, I.S. Handbook doc

Parent Rights and Responsibilities

2017-18 Notice of Parent Rights and Responsibilities


Williams Act  2017-18 UCP Annual Notice


KTL’s School Accountability Report Cards (SARCs)
KTL SARC 2015-16

KTL SARC 2014-15

KTL SARC 2013-14

KTL SARC 2012-13

KTL SARC 2011-12


KTL High School documents
Course Catalog:  KTL Course Catalog 17-18-Revised 8-15-17

Business Documents
Local Control Accountability Plan(LCAP)        LCAP 2017-20

KTL EPA Estimated Expenditures

Vendor Packet   2017-18 Vendor Packet

Integrated Pest Management Plan    IPM Plan

KTL Employee Handbook    Employee Handbook- rev.07 25 16