Keyes to Learning Charter School’s Three Unique Programs

TL believes learning best occurs when families have options to choose from an educational program best suited for their student. What began as a support program for K-8th grade homeschooling families has blossomed into a flexible TK-12, non classroom-based program with parents as true partners in learning.  Today KTL offers four programs:

  1. The TK-12 Independent Home Study (IS) program provides each student with an advisory teacher and access to a highly-qualified teacher in all subject areas. In this program the students’ parents are the primary teacher, and there are no classes. This program is also the most geographically diverse and requires a personalized approach.  For example, independent study teachers travel to the Los Banos area in Merced County, and in the past to San Joaquin and Tuolumne Counties to evaluate student progress, make assignments, administer tests, and deliver materials.  Other students and parents meet with independent study teachers at the Keyes or Turlock learning centers.  Independent Home Study students in grades TK-6 use the KTL Classics Kits with individualized or grade appropriate mathematics and Language Arts curriculum, and meet with an advisor every twenty days.

2. The K-6 CORE Academy meets 3.5 days per week with a highly- qualified certificated teacher, with 1.5 days of assignments at home. Students are in a self-contained, grade level classroom and are expected to be in class every day. The curriculum taught is structured to follow the CORE Knowledge® Sequence.  Children in this program are taught a coherent, cumulative, content-specific core curriculum. Students are provided independent work to be completed with their family at home on Fridays, thus keeping parents directly involved in the educational process.


3a. Key Academy (9-12) teaches a comprehensive liberal arts curriculum, focused toward college using a-g courses which are UC-approved.  The 9-12 KEY Academy program provides opportunities for students to attend small classes two days per week with detailed assignments at home on other days providing the opportunity for many of our students to enroll in tuition-free college courses.  This program combines a college-preparatory curriculum with career prep, ROP and ample flexibility for real-life experiences as well as an early college option.

3b. The Grades 7-8 KEY Academy program meets 3.5 days per week with highly-qualified certificated teachers, with 1.5 days of assignments at home.