Keyes Elementary School services approximately 535 students in grades K through 5 and is located at 5680 7th Street in Keyes, California. The school’s mission of developing life-long learners and productive citizens is manifested through a demanding curriculum taught by dedicated professional educators.The mission of Keyes Elementary School is to promote, encourage and support our students in developing a life-long commitment to learning as confident, caring people. We accomplish this mission by first providing a learning environment that fosters the acquisition of sound academic skills based on high expectations of all students. Secondly, by providing a safe, nurturing, yet challenging environment, we support as they learn to be good decision makers, develop, respect for themselves and others, and grow as mentally, emotionally and physically healthy individuals.


Name, Title Email Address
Cyndi McDaniel, Director
Lett Rouse, Secretary
Khush Samra, Office Assistant/Attendance


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Cheryl Welch, Preschool Teacher