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The Leader in Me

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Keyes Union School District is excited to begin our journey of developing leaders one child at a time. You can access The Leader in Me Online website by clicking here.

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SPIE Grants

Teachers can apply for SPIE Grants for their classrooms.  The $200 K-6 Incentive Grants are to motivate students to improve in academic studies and maintain or improve acceptable social behavior. The $500 K-12 Career Education Grants focus on connecting students with the world of work by proposing innovative career exploration programs, including career days, career pathway days, classroom instruction utilizing the internet, field trips, or other ideas.  To download the brochures for either grant and to apply online, please click the appropriate links below.  All applications are easy to complete through the online link and are due by September 23, 2016.

Incentive Grants Brochure 2017-18

Incentive Grants Online Application

Career Ed Brochure 2017-18

Career Education Grants Online Application